Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Back To Realiti

Wahhh....sudah lama rasanya tidak mengarang. It is time to get back with those routines. It does not really matters whether people will read it or not. Just to write something so that I can release some tense, feelings, etc.
1) Solat berjemaah bersama family
    >> Subuh - Daddy as imam
    >> Maghrib - Irfan as imam
    >> ....plan for Isyak too lepas ni
2) Khatam Al-Quran every year (since 2014 - Alhamdulillah)
    >> 2016 - half of surah to go (mis target before new year Muharram)
    >> Recite Al-Quran every morning after wake up at 5.00 am
    >> Once completed - start new and sud be finished before Muharram nxt yr)
3) Read & Write
    >> a lot of things need to improve.
    >> Physical & mentally to be strong for next mitigation plan to be executed
4) Time balance family & work
    >> Reached office early
    >> Planning for things TO-DO
    >> Get home early -- cook for kids
    >> Q-Time with family weekend
    >> Holidays

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Company Retreat...First timer

This is my first time with Celcom kena join company retreat...the Langkawi. Hmmm...we will be flying from 17.Nov.2011 until 19.Nov.2011. Klimaks of the event will be on Friday nite. Unfortunately I can not join em because need to rush back to KL. Got to fly to Kuala Terengganu early morning for Ayang's wedding. Overall it is fun, enjoyable, good to know people i will be working with.
Team building dulu2 pernah join gak but dis time around it is more relaxing....lots of games...
Day 01 sempat turun Pekan Kuah since my flight first batch. Without breakfast provided.....then no rooms with our names.....gosh. But at last we got....hmmm our room is the last chalet kat resort tu. Okler as long as ader rite. Very far...far away from my kengkwn yg lain.
We had a game...'anak kambing and kandangnya' then talent performance during nite time.
Next morning.....i like dis game because we need to pose...and snap pic according to the instruction given. This time yg dok snap bebyk pictures.....

Malam tu...i dah start packing sbb my flight at 10 pm. Sempat teman Iza and Uji ke Grand Ballroom with dorg punyer costume......wahhh...very da meriah suasana....malam tu tak blk sengsorg tp dgn amy....tumpang tido umah dia and esoknya fly to Kuala Terengganu naik.....FireFly